“We criticize and separate ourselves from the process. We’ve got to jump right in there with both feet.” —Dolores Huerta

303697_2346001885692_727146109_nThere is  a paradox in the participation of white men in the work of social justice. We are much part of the problem and need to be a part of the solution, and as a collective, we have not shown up. There are very few white men speaking out against oppression; yet, those that do generally do not examine their own role and participation in the system that brings them benefit.

It is my responsibility to speak against this system, to critique it in a systemic way, and to help create a community of change agents who benefit from the system and still want it to be more equitable.

It is my responsibility to act on my values of love, equity, compassion, and help. I do this by speaking and teaching. I do so with energy, vibrancy, a sense of humor, and compassion. I bring a personal narrative to my participation and I bring a systemic model to change.

It is my responsibility to speak up against injustice and oppression, and I also acknowledge the critique that I profit from speaking on that same injustice. As such, I donate 10% of my annual speaking fees to community organizations to continue the ripples of change and broaden the impact of my work.

Keynotes, Training and Retreats

I create custom keynotes, facilitated conversations, and trainings built around the theme of 1929767_532818410534_8629_nan event, a particular subject matter, or tailored to your specific needs. These run from one hour to three days. The workshops are interactive and engaging, full of humor and hope, and serve to build the skills of the participants so that the department or organization can effectively create and sustain inclusive learning and working environments.

For large training and retreats, or for specific outcomes, I partner with dr. becky martinez. Her experience with organizational change, leadership development, and long-term social justice initiatives can be beneficial in many settings.

Here are some examples of past work I have created:

  • “We’re Good White People. Now What?”: White People Becoming Agents of Change
  • Feminism, Fathering and the HOPE of Change
  • Whites Partnering to Dismantle Racism
  • Building Capacity: Social Justice Training in Student Affairs Graduate Programs
  • Building Inclusive Communities: Using Transformative Learning and Social Justice for Social Change
  • Finding Our Way in the Great Work: Aligning Our Activism with Our Stories
  • Supporting 21st Century Education
  • The Gender Revolution: Identifying and Overcoming Barriers to Care
  • Power and Privilege in Student Affairs
  • Leading With Soul, Acting With Purpose

We will work with your department or organization to develop a series of workshops on a particular theme/subject matter.