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“To build community requires vigilant awareness of the work we must continually do to undermine all the socialization that leads us to behave in ways that perpetuate domination.” —bell hooks

Justice is a verb. Justice is an action. Justice is doing, not thinking or being. When I take my values of love, equity, compassion, and helping those in need, and infuse them into action, justice comes alive in me and through me.

It is easier to be an observer. I fight that energy within myself all the time.  It is the inertia of life. I want to keep working hard, to shift things, and to act more loving, compassionate, more equitable. My writing and speaking is part of my action, part of how I let justice come alive in my life. I act to bring more joy and laughter in the world.

IMG_6600I am a father and a spouse. Parenting and Partnering have informed my work in many ways, most importantly bringing a focus on building partnerships and community. I bring over 25 years of experience in higher education and over 15 years of experience as a educator, speaker and trainer to my work. I am versed in student engagement, faculty partnership, student affairs, interpersonal communication, system dynamics and change, and diversity and inclusion work.

I am an author, trainer, and educator. I serve as a faculty member for the Social Justice Training Institute ,  a Co-Lead facilitator for the LeaderShape Institute, and Past President for the ACPA College Student Educators International. I also write and edit as part of the editorial collective for Rad Dad, a feminist, critical conscious magazine on shifting the paradigm of parenting.